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The repartee guide by Laurent Baffie

The repartee guide by Laurent Baffie

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Here are hundreds of phrases from everyday life. These kinds of sentences which attack you, and which sometimes make you want to attack the other… But your lack of retaliation slows you down in your momentum. With this guide, Laurent Baffie puts his irrefutable gift of repartee at the service of all.

For each sentence, three answers are offered to you, classified according to the symbolism of the traffic lights.

• GREEN LIGHT: the response proposed is soft, even smiling, and allows you to retaliate with a minimum of wit.

• ORANGE LIGHT: be careful, the response is more scathing, remember the long altercations you had with the police when you went orange. This fire is dangerous, it makes or breaks.


You are embarking on a scorched earth policy. Any step back will be almost impossible, you risk divorce, losing friends or fighting, but deep down you will have the immense satisfaction of having served the right mating at the right time!

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