How to give a gift?

Should I use my name or the name of my victim?

Create your account with your name and your own login details

When you want to give a gift to someone, you must create your account with your name and contact details and not those of the person who will receive the gift.

Where can I leave a note for my victim?

On your cart page in the special instructions

You can leave us a special instruction in your basket, send us an email at ( or write us a message on our Chatbox (bottom right of your screen)

When should I enter my victim's address?

On the payment page under Delivery

It is on this page that you will put the address of the person who will receive your gift.

And in the billing part, do not check: "Use shipping address as billing address". Make sure you include your address (otherwise it is your victim who will receive the bill, he will suspect something and it will be less funny).

How will my gift and message be sent?

With a Flyer if you just want your name or an envelope for a letter

Depending on the text provided we will send the gift with one of our specially designed flyers (if it's just your first name or "From your colleagues" for example.

If it is a text or a letter, your gift will be sent with a beautiful envelope (this service is free).

If you don't enter anything, your gift will be sent anonymously.

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