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Cadeau Empoisonné

150 ideas for getting rid of idiots

150 ideas for getting rid of idiots

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The hilarious little book to finally say “shit” to idiots and get rid of everyone who pollutes our lives!
Their incivility pollutes our lives, their shamelessness exasperates us, their lack of respect eats away at our nerves, their lack of good manners kills us. Know how to get rid of these harmful beings who are idiots and annoying people!

The pain in the ass: Crush the toes of the pain in the ass, it's only a fair return of things! As for the ball-breakers, do what you please...

Get rid of an idiot for good: Dress him in PSG colors and abandon him in the middle of Marseille!

The annoying ones: Are you invited to the homes of people you don't like? They are stupid and super annoying? Just don't go there. You will pretend you had the wrong day, it happens to everyone! Great bonus: they will never invite you again!

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