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Cadeau Empoisonné

150 ideas to piss off your boss

150 ideas to piss off your boss

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Because you haven't finished... pissing off your people!

Because you dream of pissing off your boss...this little book is for you!

Play darts with his portrait, come to the office dressed as a tourist, arrive with both arms in plaster, surreptitiously redecorate his office... in short, FINALLY get revenge on your boss who makes you sweat so much!

Your boss calls you... Make him repeat it, pretend not to hear anything then hang up on him!

While looking at the photo of his wife on your boss's desk, tell him that you find it very touching... to have framed a photo of his mother!

Be nice to your boss: bring him a cold coffee every day.

When your boss speaks in a meeting, sniff or cough at regular intervals... If that's not enough to annoy him, blow your nose!

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