Choco Choc Challenge

Want to try the Choco Choc Challenge?

Prepare for a unique taste adventure with our box of chocolates with surprising flavors. Far from ordinary chocolates, this unique collection offers bold notes of garlic, curry, pepper, Espelette pepper, mustard and coarse salt. Imagine the reaction of your loved one or your victim when they bite into a chocolate with a garlic or pepper flavor! The facial expressions and reactions that follow will be simply unforgettable.

We created this chocolate in collaboration with an artisanal chocolate factory based in Haute-Savoie (74).

Inside this carefully designed box, you'll find nine exquisite praline chocolates, six of which are deliberately tricked with wacky flavors. The element of surprise is at its peak, as each bite can reveal a completely unexpected taste experience. Three luscious chocolates provide a welcome break between challenges, adding a dimension of delight to this unique experience.

These wacky chocolates are the result of the know-how of an artisan chocolatier based in France. Each piece is meticulously created with careful attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality. The bold combination of unusual flavors demonstrates the creativity and innovation that characterize the art of French chocolate making.

Whether for a challenge between friends, a subtle joke or simply to add a touch of humor to a gift, this wacky box of chocolate is the ideal choice. Elegantly packaged, it adds a touch of realism to the surprise, creating a visual experience that is as fun as it is tasteful. Prepare for amused reactions and memorable memories with this original gift!

Don't forget to film yourself and share your videos on your social networks with the hashtag: #chocochocchallenge

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