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Cadeau Empoisonné

Stickman Farts Silver Color Pendant Necklace

Stickman Farts Silver Color Pendant Necklace

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This necklace features a charming silver-colored stickman, frozen in the moment as he releases burlesque flatulence. The sparkling drawing captures the magical moment when irreverence becomes a work of art, transforming an everyday action into a hilarious expression of the absurdity of life.

The meticulous details of the stickman, with his slender silhouette and sparkling eyes, add a touch of mischief and lightness to this playful jewel. This necklace will brighten your day and that of those who cross your path.

By wearing it, you proudly display your love for subtle humor and your ability to appreciate the joyful moments in life. This necklace is not just a necklace, but a bold and fun statement. It's a daily reminder of the beauty in the absurd, an invitation to embrace lightness and find joy in life's small pleasures.


Pendant 3.64 cm x 2.1 cm

Chain 45 cm

Weight 4.8g

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