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Cadeau Empoisonné

Box surprise balloon in the shape of a heart red middle finger

Box surprise balloon in the shape of a heart red middle finger

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You're ready for a surprise that will send a clear message with this surprise middle finger balloon! Imagine the face of the person who will receive this unexpected gift. In an instant, she will go from curiosity to amazement upon discovering this insolent middle finger floating in the air.

This surprise balloon is a hilarious way to convey a humorous, sarcastic or teasing message to a friend, colleague or loved one. Whether for a special occasion, a party, or simply to make someone smile, this middle finger balloon will not go unnoticed!

Prepare to provoke laughter and amused reactions with this one-of-a-kind gift idea. But remember to make sure that the person you are giving this balloon to will appreciate this type of humor. It is important to always consider the tastes and preferences of others to avoid hurting or offending. So, get ready to spark smiles with this surprise middle finger balloon!

Latex balloon inflated with helium. May be sold uninflated.

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