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Eric Zemmour: France has not said its last word

Eric Zemmour: France has not said its last word

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Inside the head of Eric Zemmour. Diary of a political autobiography.

"I had brought to light in the French Suicide the mechanics of the progressive ideology which led our country to the abyss. Endangered, its elites understood that the survival of their project would pass through the radicalization of the process of destruction .
Rarely have we been so weakened, disunited, subverted, invaded as today.
Not a day goes by without his provocation, without his deconstruction, without his derision, without his humiliation.
I decided to continue the story of things seen, things that have been silenced, silenced for too long. So that France is not satisfied with having a future but also traces the paths of a future. To continue the story of France.
The story is not over.
France has not said its last word "

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