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Cadeau Empoisonné

Miracle pills, fake boxes of humorous medicine

Miracle pills, fake boxes of humorous medicine

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Do you know the famous miracle pills of John MYTOMAN?

Do you have a colleague who has a bad mouth? So give him PUDUBEK pills!

Do you have a friend who likes mature women? So give him ATRAP COUGAR pills!

Do you hear your neighbor always talking too loudly? So give him TAGUEUL pills!

Is your mother-in-law not a beauty queen? So give him the STOP'MOCH miracle pills!

Does your partner let out stinky farts? So give him FIONKIPU pills!

Does your ex have a very small one? So give him the BIT 2 CHEVAL miracle pills!

Is your husband having trouble getting an erection? So give him DEMIMOL pills!

Your boss gives you too much work and you see him sitting in his chair doing nothing all day? So give him the STOP BRANLETTE pills!

John MYTOMAN has the solution for everyone.

The boxes all contain 15 menthol candies.

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