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Mein kampf, story of a book

Mein kampf, story of a book

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It is one of the best-selling political books of all time. One of the most terrifying, too. Distributed in 12 million copies in Germany, several hundred thousand copies in some twenty countries before 1945, Mein Kampf is still sold today throughout the world. However, the story of this Nazi breviary become a planetary best-seller is little known. Do we really know how Mein Kampf was written and why this book played a key role in its author's rise to power? Why did the Führer try to hide his book from the world, to the point of having a fake published in France? This fascinating and rigorous investigation takes the reader from the prison cell where Hitler wrote his book to the corridors of the government of Bavaria today, from pre-war Paris to modern Turkish bookstores, passing through neo-Nazi circles. While Mein Kampf entered the public domain in 2016, knowing the origins of this manifesto of nationalism and extremism helps to understand why it remains so hotly topical.

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