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Cadeau Empoisonné

The asshole - Issues and perspectives

The asshole - Issues and perspectives

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Unlike the simple idiot (idiot, imbecile), the asshole (without embarrassment, incivil) is a deliberately toxic social actor: he thinks everything is allowed, flirts heavily, speaks loudly, cuts off, honks at all times, disrupts transport and degrades the public space; at work, he abuses, harasses, causes burnout and depression; it proliferates on the Internet, in the media, in politics; at the head of the States, he triggers wars and famines; it ruins everyone's patience and rots everyone's life. His repeated incivilities cost billions and contribute to the expression of a general dissatisfaction. The asshole is "the elephant in the room": an important, obvious, enormous subject, but which no one talks about. Everyone complains about it, it drives people crazy, and yet no one had ever studied it seriously. To remedy this, the author gives us an astonishing analysis – and which has a lot to reveal to us about ourselves.

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