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Cadeau Empoisonné

Flaming Peanuts, the strongest peanuts in the world

Flaming Peanuts, the strongest peanuts in the world

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These peanuts are a real challenge, they are the hottest peanuts in the world. But you can serve them or gift them for any occasion. A neighbor or your mother-in-law drops by unexpectedly? They are perfect as a snack with beer or wine. You can even snack on them in front of the TV or at work. Thanks to their protein content, they will keep you full.


75% peanuts, 13% wheat flour, 6% potato starch, 3% katjang pedis (spices [paprika, paprika powder], bird's eye chili, coloring - paprika extract, salt, antioxidant [E306], natural flavor ), sunflower oil, garlic powder, salt, sugar, stabilizer (E500). Store in a dry, dark place. Use after opening. Package of 70gr.


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