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Cadeau Empoisonné

Death Spray, the scent of death

Death Spray, the scent of death

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Discover the Ultimate Stinky Spray with the smell of a decomposing corpse!

Looking to spice up your jokes with a touch of olfactory humor? Do not search anymore ! Our Death Spray is the secret weapon you need to provoke bursts of laughter (or grimaces) without fail.

Features :

- Irresistibly Repugnant Smell: We used the same formula as for our Death Candle Challenge and adapted it into a spray. It's a blend perfectly designed to imitate one of the worst smells on earth: a putrefied body, the smell of death!

- Portable and Discreet: Small and easy to carry, ideal for all prank occasions.

- Instant Effect: A simple spray is enough to transform any room into a rapid reaction zone.

Manual :

1. Choose your target: A classroom, the office, a party with friends – the possibilities are endless!

2. Spray discreetly: One or two pumps are enough. Be careful to stay out of sight to maximize the surprise effect.

3. Savor the reaction: Watch your victims frantically search for the source of that mysterious smell while trying to maintain a straight face.

Warning: Use sparingly and with good humor. Do not spray directly on people or animals. Ideal for moments of laughter, but always with respect for those around you.

Made in France

30ml bottle

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