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Cadeau Empoisonné

Bunch of wilted roses of different colors

Bunch of wilted roses of different colors

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Are you looking for an original and humorous gift for your mother-in-law or your ex? Do not search anymore ! This beautiful bouquet of wilted flowers is the perfect choice to add a touch of sarcasm and humor to your gift.

Featuring carefully selected faded red roses, this bouquet offers a deliberate contrast between the flowers' fleeting beauty and their faded state. It will surprise and intrigue your recipient, whether it is your mother-in-law or your ex.

With this bouquet of faded flowers, you can express with humor that you do not forget the past moments, but that you are turning the page. It's a gift that's sure to spark smiles and amused reactions.

So, dare to offer this bouquet of faded flowers to bring a touch of lightness and fun to your relationship with your mother-in-law or your ex. A gift that will certainly make an impression!

Please note that the photos are not contractual, as the type of rose may vary depending on the day's deliveries. But don't worry, each bouquet contains around ten roses to guarantee a stunning effect.

Every year thousands of bouquets of flowers unfortunately end up in the trash because they are no longer fresh. Thanks to you, we are giving them a second life.

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