Les cadeaux empoisonnés : des cadeaux originaux et drôles

Poisoned gifts: original and funny gifts

“The greater the patience, the more beautiful the vengeance” goes the saying. Who has always wanted revenge on their mother-in-law, their ex, their colleague or their neighbor? You won't need to wait any longer because the time for revenge has come! Our Poisoned Gift store is a store specializing in the sale of unusual and original gifts. It allows you to send your enemies gifts like no other: bouquets of wilted flowers, personalized mugs with these insults or even chocolates with strange tastes. With many poisoned gift ideas, you can convey the message anonymously to your sworn enemies!

Poisoned gift ideas for revenge

A disappointment, an annoying colleague, a bad joke? Do you want revenge? Send them gifts, but not just any gifts, poisoned gifts. The “Cadeau Poisonné” store offers you a whole collection of objects for all people who dream of revenge, whether in a funny, amusing or cruel way. Whether for a colleague, a mother-in-law, an ex-partner or a neighbor, our store has the ideal gift for the person who has wronged you.

Revenge and humor are the key words of the store as it offers a range of original gifts one after the other. Special books, bouquets of wilted flowers, personalized insult mugs, candy with strange tastes, scented candles, surprise balloons... The choice is endless. In addition, all shipments are anonymous so you can send the poisoned gift with complete peace of mind. But if you really want to show your recipient that you are taking revenge, it is possible to write your name in large letters on the box.

Poisoned gifts for your ex-partner

Did your breakup go badly? Did your ex cheat on you and you want revenge? You are in the right place ! You will find a good number of gifts that will perfectly satisfy you.

If your ex is having trouble getting over himself, why not send him a book called
“The asshole”? It's the best way to tell him that he's the king of assholes. You can be sure that with this gift, you will give him a good blow in the head. But it's not the Holy Grail. To really surprise him, you can give him the “middle finger” umbrella. Why try to explain when sometimes a simple finger is enough? A practical gift, but not sure he will use it during the rainy seasons.

Poisoned gifts for your mother-in-law

Ah mothers-in-law! They are often intrusive and deserve to have a nice poisoned gift for their birthday, for Mother's Day or even for Christmas. Of course, mother-in-law will never assume that she is a bad mother-in-law. In addition, she continues to initiate herself into our romantic relationship! So why not make her reason a little by giving her a beautiful book called “How to be a good mother-in-law”? With such a gift you give your mother-in-law the chance to become better! But if you think she won't read the book, opt for the magic mug instead. When she pours her hot drink in the morning, she will see “big turkey” appear on her cup. Of course, it's a gift that won't please, but after all, isn't that the goal? (Machiavellian laughter)

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